Lockdown Knitting Projects – Meet the Red Nose Gang

Lockdown Knitting Projects

Lockdown has been a difficult time for many – but magic is something you make.  Lockdown knitting projects are a sure fire way to keep the blues at bay!  Keeping your mind focussed on following a knitting pattern and your fingers busy with your pins is a fun way to relax and take your mind off all the bad news that is around at the moment.  Crafty people know just how to make the most of their time and have fun in the process.  So – choose some music you like, or tune into your favourite TV/radio programme, put your feet up and get your knitting pins out!

Jean Greenhowe's Red Nose Gang Clowns

Meet this Month's Star Volunteer

My volunteer of the month – Nicky – is is worked her way steadily through the mammoth lockdown knitting project of creating every one of the cheerful Red Nose Gang.  She has completed four so far – and she is still going!

These happy chappies were all knitted from patterns created by the wonderful Jean Greenhowe who has recently retired, aged 83 years young.  Her fabulous patterns are still available for us all to enjoy though, I’m very glad to say.

Nicky Volunteer of the Month knitting Jean Greenhowe's Red Nose Gang

Mr. Fortywinks

I knitted Mr.Fortywinks many years ago for my daughter when she was two.  He  was about as tall as she was then and she took him to bed with her every night.  She would look at his alarm clock and declare that it was indeed bedtime before brushing his teeth with the knitted toothbrush and toothpaste.  He was one of her most favourite toys.

Bertie Bloomer

The gardening clown.  A perfect present for a loved one or friend that loves to garden or had an allotment?

Jean Greenhowe's Red Nose Gang Knitted Clowns Bertie Bloomer

Godfrey Gadabout

The clown that just loves to travel. You may be interested in another website that I have created?  Lovetowander gives detailed itineraries for every trip I have ever taken.  You will find what I hope is useful inside information from someone who has actually been there, seen it and got the T shirt.  Recommendations for pre trip reading, what to pack, foodie firsts and lots of practical tips make your own trip as good as it can possibly be.  Lots of photos (all mine!) to inspire your own travels too.  Like heartupcycling – no ads – ever – just sharing the love.  

Jean Greenhowe's Red Nose Gang Knitted Clowns Godfrey Gadabout
Love to Wander Travel Blog Featured Image

O Yummy!

What are you knitting today?  A string of sausages and an ice cream sundae and a banana ?! Go on – you know you want to!

Jean Greenhowe's Red Nose Gang Knitted Clowns Mr. O Yummy

What are you Knitting Today?

The absolute best bit about these patterns is the props.  It’s not often that when someone asks you “What are you knitting today?”  that you can honestly say “a camera” or “a pair of sunglasses”!  The instructions are clear and foolproof even for an inexperienced knitter.  There is something really satisfying about picking up a ball of wool and a couple of knitting pins and watching a little piece of art take shape in front of your eyes.  There is even more satisfaction to be had if you can make good use of leftover wool and donate what you make to raise funds.

Knitted Camera from Godfrey Gadabout Red Nose Gang Clown Jean Greenhowe pattern

Heart Up-Cycling!

These clowns are such a great way of using up left over wool.  You just need ordinary double knitting wool.  You can often find this in charity shops, so you can support a good cause when you buy your materials and Heart Up-cycling at the same time.  25 grams is all you need to complete most of the cute little props in these patterns.  Keep your creation yourself, give it to a little person who will treasure it or have a heart and donate it to one of the hospice shops to raise much needed funds.


Godfrey Gadabout's up-cycled scarf knitted from leftover oddments of wool
Heart Upcycling Logo

Godfrey Gadabout’s scarf really sums up what Heart Up-Cycling is all about for me – it is made entirely of saved scraps of wool!  I think he would make a good mascot?

Useful Links

Jean Greenhowe’s website has lots of patterns to inspire you.  The red nose gang clown patterns are sadly out of print now though and so might be hard to come by.  Checkout the knitting pattern link for stockists.  I have a copy of the original pattern though, saved from when I knitted my daughter’s clown all those years ago.  

So -when lockdown is finally over – if you want to have fun knitting your own red nose gang clown (or part of one?),  get in touch with me via the contact form.  I would love to hear from you!  If you fancy joining a workshop and knitting a clown in the company of some new friends, subscribe and request further details.  Many hands make light work and a clown could be a great group project.

There is a free pattern available for Celebration Clowns on Jean’s website –  link opposite.

If you would really like a Celebration Clown for you – or someone you love – but don’t want to knit one yourself, contact me or visit my Etsy Shop and place a custom order.

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