Shoutout – Volunteer of the Week

Meet Mollie the Scottie - Volunteer of the Week

When you heart up cycling as much as I do, you can NEVER seem to get your hands on enough stuffing.  

Fortunately, a reliable source is close at hand.  Meet Mollie the Scottie!

Mollie demolishes at least one of her toys every week and generates a generous helping of stuffing for me each time she finishes a play session.

This week, she donated enough stuffing for me to make a rag doll and two knitted rabbits.

Thanks Mollie – Keep up the good work!

Heart Up-Cycling!

It is always worth saving the stuffing from things you no longer want to make house room for.  

Those old cushions can happily be re-cycled into something that someone will love again.  I am always on the scrounge for stuffing and happy to receive your donations.

Stuffing from discarded dog toys makes great material for up cycling projects
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If you can knit - you can do your bit!

Knitted toys are a great way to up-cycle stuffing.  Take a look at my knitting projects for inspiration.  The stuffing for this cheerful chappie was recycled from a discarded cushion.


If knitting isn’t really your thing, take a look at my other projects – there are plenty of other ways of up-cycling stuffing!

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