A Big Night Out for The Lockdown Red Nose Gang!

Remember the Lockdown Red Nose Gang?

Well - those guys really know how to have a Big Night Out ...

These cheeky guys have got big personalities and there is nothing they like more than to get together and plan a party.

Sometimes, they get just a little carried away …

Read on to see what they got up to on their BNO.

Missed the original post?  Click on the link opposite to meet the gang and Nicky – my volunteer of the month.

Red Nose Gang Big Night Out



The Red Nose Gang – Meeting to Plan their “Big Night Out”

Red Nose Gang Big Night Out



Godfrey Gadabout – showing off his perfect Yhatzee score.

Red Nose Gang Big Night Out



O’ Yummy – has had one too many …

Red Nose Gang Big Night Out



Godfrey Gadabout – has had more than one too many!

Jean Greenhowe's Red Nose Gang Knitted Clowns



The Red Nose Gang – sleeping off their “BNO” …

Have fun knitting clowns yourself and invent your own games …

Or knit with a group of friends and donate what you make to raise funds for charity.  Subscribe for details of free workshops.


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