Michelle’s Donation – A Bumper Bag of Fabric Remnants!

Now - what can we turn them all into? The Rag Bag Challenge is on!

I collected a very generous donation of fabric remnants from one of the kind neighbours in my Neighbourhood Sewing Group yesterday – Thanks so much Michelle!

It is going to be a busy afternoon sorting it all into colour/fabric types.

I wonder what will we be able to create with it all?

Will there be enough fabric to match with previous donations to dress the Tilda dolls I am working on this week?

Keep reading to find out…

Tilda Dolls - Picking out Fabrics
Tilda Dolls - Picking out Co-Ordinating Fabrics
Donated fabric remnants for upcycling
Michelle's Bumper bag of fabric remnants

Heart Up-Cycling!

I am working through lots of ideas for small projects that can use remnants like Michelle’s to make pretty and useful things for sale.  I need to try them all out before I can share the best ideas with you  – so be patient – it is work in progress …

Give fabric/clothes/wool
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Rag Bag Challenge

Clothes that we can’t sell in our Hospice shops currently all go to rag and don’t generate very much in the way of funds.  What if we could salvage some of the best of these donations and turn them into something pretty and useful that we can sell in our shops.  I am collecting ideas for small projects that volunteers might enjoy creating at home or in a workshop.  

With a little creativity, fabric remnants, ribbons, buttons, wool, beads, sequins and even old greeting cards can all be up-cycled, so if you are having a clear out, have a heart and donate them to us via your local hospice shop – or contact me on the form below.  Who knows what they might become …?

Please do contact me with any patterns/ideas that you think might work well?  The challenge is on! 

Rag Bag Challenge Ideas
Rag Bag Challenge Ideas

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