How to make Dollhouse Bed Linen

Create a tiny set of miniature dollhouse bed linen in 1/12th scale.  Make a cute little mattress that looks just like a real one, a frilly fitted sheet and a bolster pillow.  Add an adorable log cabin style baby quilt and two comfy pillows to complete your miniature masterpiece and make the dollhouse bedroom of your dreams come true!

Creating a Miniature Dollhouse Bed - Step by Step

Project Overview

I received a Sid Cooke doll’s house kit for Christmas almost 30 years ago.  It took me six months or so to build it and I have been slowly filling it with adorable tiny 1/12th scale furniture and accessories ever since.  If you are looking for a new, absorbing hobby – I do hope I can persuade you to give miniatures a try.  There are few Christmas presents that have continued to give pleasure for this many years!

Doll’s houses make lovely Christmas presents for adults as well as children.  You would be amazed just how many things are available in 1/12th scale.  Many are lovingly and meticulously handmade – true collectors items.

Making your own miniatures is time consuming, but very rewarding.  What better place to start than in the bedroom, where you can indulge all your fantasies of what the best dressed dollhouse bed is wearing?

Sid Cooke Doll's House
My Sid Cooke Doll's House

One of the most enjoyable parts of this project was selecting the fabrics to use.  I think it’s nice to use contrasting light and dark colours.  The quilt has a lovely shabby chic look to it, so if you only have a small amount of fabric, it’s OK to mix and match a bit – it just adds to the charm I think?

What You Will Need

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Step-by-Step Guide

Time needed: 1 (long!) day

The pattern pieces below are drawn on A3 paper.  The bed linen fits a 12cm x 17cm bed, but can easily be adapted to fit a different size.

Dollhouse Bed Linen Pattern 2
Dollhouse Bed Linen Pattern 1


  1. Cut two rectangles of your mattress stuffing to fit your bed base.  Mine were 15cm x 13cm.
  2. Cut two pieces of fabric to fit – allow 1/4 inch/6mm seams. 
  3. Cut a strip for the side panels – you may need to join two strips together if you don’t have enough.
  4. Sew the strip for the side panels all around the edge of one piece of fabric – right sides together.
  5. Lay the second piece of fabric over the top. Stitch the strip to the top piece, leaving a 5cm gap for turning.
  6. Trim your seams, turn and press.
  7. Stuff your mattress. 
  8. Hand close the gap.
  9. Transfer your pattern markings for the buttons.  Use pins to mark the positions.
  10. Using double thread, sew the mattress “buttons” in place.  I tied a knot and started at the bottom, sewing four stitches for each “button” and fastening off securely on the underside of the mattress.
Dollhouse Bed Linen Mattress
Dollhouse Bed Linen Mattress

Frilled Sheet

  1. Hem the sides and bottom of the three strips.
  2. Gather stitch length 5.  The pattern allows for 1.5 times gathering width.
  3. Sandwich the frill between the top and bottom covers of the sheet with right sides of the covers together and matching raw edges.
  4. Your frills should now be on the inside of your fitted sheet – make sure you tuck the corners out of the way before the next step!
  5. Sew all around the frilled sheet edge, leaving a 2 inch gap for turning.  
  6. Turn inside out and press.
  7. Remove the gathering stitches.
  8. Close the gap by hand.
Dollhouse Bed Linen Frilled Sheet

Log Cabin Quilt

  1. Make two cardboard templates 3/4 inch (18mm)  and 5/8 inch (15mm) by 12 inches.
  2. Use the 5/8 inch/15mm template to cut nine strips of dark and eight strips of light fabric.
  3. Use the 3/4 inch template to cut two strips of dark fabric.
  4. Sew a light strip to each of the 3/4 inch/18mm dark strips using a scant 1/4 inch seam.
  5. Press the seams towards the light fabric, trim as close as you dare and cut into 18mm sections.
  6. Continue adding light and dark strips to create your quilt with seams left and bottom and turning the panel clockwise each time.
  7. Sew the 16 squares you create together in pairs and then join all the pairs – placing as the illustration opposite – to create your quilt.
  8. Cut a backing panel 8 inches square and hand stitch with wrong sides together, folding the edge over the quilt, turning to enclose the raw edge and mitring the corners.
  9. Press your finished quilt nice and flat.
Sewing a Log Cabin Quilt
Dollhouse Bed Linen Log Cabin Quilt
Dollhouse Bed Linen Log Cabin Quilt
Dollhouse Bed Linen Log Cabin Quilt Squares
Dollhouse Bed Linen Set


  1. For the bolster, cut a pice of co-ordinating fabric the finished width of the mattress and 6cm deep.
  2. Cut two end strips, double them over and sew to each end of the bolster piece, matching raw edges.
  3. Insert a thread through the gap to pull the bolster closed after stitching.
  4. Fold right sides together and stitch with a 1/4 inch seam.
  5. Insert a roll of stuffing to give a nice comfy bolster shape.  Be generous with the stuffing!
  6. Pull the cords tightly, secure on the inside of the bolster to give a nice shape and trim off the loose threads.


  1. For the pillows, cut 4 pieces and machine with right sides together leaving a small gap for turning.
  2. Stuff with poly fibre filling and hand close the seam.
Dollhouse Bed Linen Bolster
Dollhouse Bed Linen Bolster
Dollhouse Bed Linen Bolster

Heart Up-Cycling!

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  • Remember Michelle’s donation of a bumper bag of fabric remnants?  I used a small sample of what she kindly donated to make this dollhouse bed linen set.
  • The stuffing for the mattress and bolster is made from re-cycled wool packaging.  A little goes a long way with miniatures!
Dollhouse Bed Linen Fabric Scraps
Dollhouse Bed Linen Stuffing

Tips and Tricks

  • If you are using stripy fabric for the mattress, remember to cut your fabric so that the stripes run lengthways down the bed.  
  • Choose fabric with a small motif – anything large will get lost in the detail go the log cabin quilt.
  • Remember to cut the fabric strips in line with the selvedge to make sure your seams sew straight.
  • A rotary cutter and a steel rule is the best way to cut the tiny fabric strips cleanly.
  • Use a short stitch width for the log cabin quilt.

Would you like some Dollhouse Bed Linen made especially for you?

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