Angel and Bonnet in 1/12th scale Perfection in Miniature!

If you have been following the story of Angel and Bonnet, the  last and for me the best – instalment is about to unfold.

My customer wanted a tiny doll made that she could use as a giveaway to promote her podcast.

This time, the brief was to create:

  • A tiny doll – around 15cm high
  • A miniature rabbit – around 8cm high

How to Make a Miniature Tilda Doll

I was happy to take on this project because I have done quite a lot of crafting at 1/12th scale over the years to furnish my doll’s house.

See my previous post – How to Make Dollhouse Bed Linen for more on this.

Making a whole doll on such a small scale proved to be a much more significant challenge than running up a tiny pair of curtains or crafting a miniature rag rug, however!

Tips and Tricks

Working on a tiny scale like this requires a LOT of patience and there are a few tips and tricks that I can pass onto you which really help to make it easier to create perfection in miniature:

  1. Set your stitch length to small – I worked with 1.5.
  2. Use an open foot, so you can see what you are sewing more easily.
  3. Have a selection of tiny tools to hand when you need them.  I have gathered a collection of various tweezers and tiny scissors over the years that proved to be indispensable for this project.
  4. Turning the arms was the most difficult bit.  I had to have two goes at it and use the tweezers.  It took me a good half an hour to turn both arms!
  5. I could not have completed this project without a really good magnifying glass.  Mine has an adjustable neck, magnifies 5 times and has strong LED lights that you can set to the brightness that suits your eyes.  It is one of the very best tools in my craft space.
  6. A Mini Iron is also a must.
Clover Mini Iron
Clover Mini Iron
Miniature Tilda Doll Open Foot
Use an Open Foot
Miniature Tilda Doll - Tools
Miniature Tilda Doll - Tools
Miniature Tilda Doll Magnifying Glass

Remember that, because it is practically impossible to sew securely with less than a 1/4 inch seam, your seams fabric will be disproportionately bulky.  There is no way around this that I can see, so you have to be prepared to be very patient – and use the mini iron, tweezers and tiny scissors A LOT!

Meet a Miniature Angel ...

Miniature Tilda Doll - Feet
Miniature Tilda Doll - Feet
Palm Sized Perfection in Miniature

She is a 1/12th scale replica of the first Angel doll I made in almost every detail.  

The scale of the doll means that trims/embellishments etc. also need to be scaled accordingly.

The tiny headband was particularly challenging!

Heart Up-Cycling!

Heart Upcycling Logo

This project was a great opportunity to use up-cycled materials!

  • The fabric for this project was easy – this little doll was made entirely from offcuts from the first Angel.  Apart from making sure all the scraps were put to good use, this also meant that the tiny doll was as close a replica of the first doll as it was possible to make her.
  • I was particularly pleased to be able to make use of a tiny spool of vintage wool that was part of a donation from my friend Sue whose aunt was a seamstress.  This little spool of wool was just the right colour and had a softness and much fine texture to it that the Tilda Doll hair just does not have – perfect for a 1/12th scale project.
Miniature Tilda Doll - Hair
Miniature Tilda Doll - Hair - Thanks Sue!

But what about Bonnet - I hear you ask?

Sewing in 1/12th scale was a significant challenge.  Sewing an 8cm was a bridge too far – even for me.

But I couldn’t leave this tiny Angel without her floppy eared friend – could I?

I remembered that many years ago, I had bought a little kit to make a 1/12th scale teddy bear from pipe cleaners.  I was really chuffed with how that little bear turned out, so I wondered – could I use the same techniques to make a teeny tiny Bonnet bunny?

Miniature Tilda Doll Teddy Bear
1/12th scale Pipe Cleaner Teddy Bear

Job 1 – Find those few bits of grey pipe cleaner I KNOW that I have … SOMEWHERE?!

Note to self – NEVER throw anything away!

Miniature Tilda Doll Pipecleaners
Where ARE those bits of grey pipe cleaner?

I was hoping that You Tube would come up trumps again and that I would find a lovely detailed step-by-step video to help me turn this rather uninspiring pile of pipe cleaners into something the looked like a miniature rabbit.

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t find anything remotely pretty enough to do justice to my tiny version of Bonnet.

So –  I spent a few hours playing with my rather old and slightly rusty wire shaping tool.  I fiddled, I struggled and EVENTUALLY – I managed to create something I was actually quite happy with.

Miniature Tilda Doll - Wire Pliers
Wire Pliers

A couple of up-cycled beads for eyes, a short length of pink organza ribbon and the all important hand stitched little pink embroidered nose and a miniature Bonnet was born!

Miniature Tilda Doll - Bonnet

Angel and Bonnet - in Miniature

Miniature Angel and Bonnet
Miniature Tilda Doll
"I asked Margot to create a version of myself in her own style and she created something beautiful!"
Miniature Tilda Doll
"Simply perfect!"

So – we have now come to the end of the story of Angel and Bonnet.  I am really looking forward to see my little creations helping to promote Angel’s podcast one day – making them for her has been a real pleasure.

I think I would be tempted to keep this pair for myself – could I bear to give them away?!

Would you like a Doll made especially for you?

I am always very happy to receive custom orders – in fact , this is how I really prefer to work – so please do contact me using the link below if you would like something made especially for you.

I donate all my profits to support the valuable work at Birmingham St. Mary’s Hospice.

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