Heart UpCycling Goes Global!

Remember the Lockdown Red Nose Gang?

Well - it's time to say goodbye to two of them -

Heart UpCycling goes Global and ships Godfrey Gadabout and Mr. Forty Winks all the way to Australia!

The Lockdown Red Nose Gang have been together since last Summer and have got to know each other pretty well. 

Today though – it’s time for two of them to say goodbye to their mates.

Missed the original post?  Click on the link opposite to meet the gang and Nicky, their creator.

Heart UpCycling
It's Time to Say Goodbye!

Godfrey Gadabout and Mr. Fortywinks are about to embark on their journey all the way to Australia to make a new home on the other side of the world with Christine.

There were a lot of hugs, a few tears but plenty of excitement about what this new life chapter would bring and firm promises to keep in touch.

What does life hold for the remaining three clowns I wonder.  Keep reading to find out!

These clowns are such fun to knit and a great way to use up surplus wool left over from other projects.  

Sources for the patterns are all on the original post.  Take a look at Jean Greenhowe’s website for other fun things you can knit.

Have fun knitting your own clown – or knit with a group of friends.  Keep your creation or have a heart and donate what you make to raise funds for charity.

Heart UpCyling! 


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