How to Make Tilda Doll Feet – Bernina Embroidery Software Project

I have made quite a number of Tilda dolls now and there is no doubt that feature that I really love most about them is their beautifully elegant feet.

Receiving a custom order request all the way from the US presented the perfect opportunity to create a really special doll with “to die for” Tilda Doll feet.  In this post, I will show you how I designed her pretty feet using the Bernina Embroidery Software 8 Designer Plus package.

Here is the story of how Alice’s doll came to life …

Tilda Doll Feet Alice
Tilda Doll Feet 'To Die For"!

The start of a new project is always one of the best bits for me.  When a new order comes in, you never quite know exactly how it will all work out.

What skin tone and hair will I be working with?  What colour will the dress fabrics be?  Will there be any special requests?

How can I make sure the doll turns out to be really special – a unique heirloom to be treasured over the years …?

I created Alice’s doll using the same methods I have set out on previous posts, so you can refer back to those if you want further detail of how the doll herself is created.

I will use this post to tell you all about how I made her pretty feet …

Tilda Doll Feet Alice
Tilda Doll Feet Fabric Selection

Alice wanted her doll to have a pale skin tone and curly blonde hair.  We agreed on a nice selection of fabrics ranging from a pretty forget-me-not-blue chambray through a cheerful gingham check and a vibrant blue underskirt.

I also had some very special donated vintage blue and white ribbon and this was the perfect opportunity to use it to create something unique and fabulous.

It is always exciting to begin a new project – but it is also a little daunting too  It takes a lot of effort and concentration to transform that flat pile of fabric and trims you start with into a doll with her own individual personality and a “wow” factor all of her own!

Tilda Doll Feet - Alice Doll

I think Alice’s pretty doll has a quiet charm to her – but her feet hint at unknown depths just waiting to be discovered …

Tilda Doll Feet

How to Make Tilda Doll Feet using Bernina Embroidery Software 8

For more information about the Bernina Embroidery Software 8 package, read my previous post.

Step-by-Step Guide

Digitising your Design

Tilda Doll Feet Pattern
Tilda Doll Feet Pattern
  1. Take a photo of the Tilda Doll Foot pattern on your ‘phone.
  2. Import the image into the Bernina Embroidery Software 8 Package.  I used Dropbox to transfer the photo from Mac to Windows.
  3. Switch to Artwork Canvas.
  4. Import the image.
  5. Reduce the number of colours to 1.
  6. Select the correct hoop size – I used the Medium Hoop.
  7. Check that the image is exactly the required size – I wanted the foot to be 11cm with a 2 cm overhang so that I could make a neat seam.
  8. Select the Auto Digitise option and use the Magic Wand Tool.
  9. Use the Colour Film Toolbox to remove the background.
  10. Select the outline stitch to “draw” the shape of the foot onto your chosen fabric.
  11. Duplicate the design and select the fill stitch you want to use.   I chose a lovely heart shaped pattern.
  12. Duplicate the whole design for the second leg and click and drag it across the hoop to make sure you leave enough room for neat seaming.

Embroidering the Feet

  1. Before you start embroidering, check the colour film and stitch out tools – see “Tips and Tricks” on my previous post for how to do this.
  2. Choose your thread. I decided on a multi-coloured Madeira Rayon 40 thread.  The space dying added interest to the design and this luxurious thread has a lovely sheen to it too – worthy of a pair of “to die for” Tilda Doll feet!
  3. Sew out the outline.
  4. Sew out the fill stitch embroidery.
  5. When the embroidery is complete to your satisfaction, you can safely remove it from the hoop, press it and cut straight down the middle to produce two feet.
  6. Sew it out again to give you the backs to the feet.
  7. Pin your feet very carefully into place on your doll’s legs and complete sewing the legs as usual.
  8. I hand tacked the two sides of the feet together to make absolutely sure that that they were both nicely aligned.
Tilda Doll Feet - Madeira Rayon 40 2025
Madeira Rayon 40 2025
Tilda Doll Feet Completed Embroidery
Tilda Doll Feet

Heart Up-Cycling!

Heart Upcycling Logo
  • Vintage blue and white ribbon added a real vibrancy to Alice’s unique doll.  Thanks Sue!
  • My stash of tiny multicoloured beads came in handy again.  Separating out the blue colours gave me lovely flower centres for my doll’s hair ornament.
  • The bottom underskirt was made from a donated sheet.
  • The doll is stuffed using my favourite stuffing made from re-cycled plastic bottles
Tilda Doll Feet
Vintage Ribbon - Thanks Sue!
Polyester stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles
Stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles
Designer Doll Multicoloured Beads
Sorting out the blue beads made her hair flowers really come alive
Tilda Doll Feet Alice Hair Ornament

I am only at the start of my journey with the Bernina Embroidery Software 8 Package.  I have a number of other projects in mind which I will share with you as they gradually come to fruition.  If this is your special area of interest, search for related posts using the tag “Bernina Embroidery Software 8” – or subscribe to receive updates (I aim for one post a month).

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