A Grand Finale for the Lockdown Clowns

Remember the Lockdown Clowns Red Nose Gang? to make their way out into the big wide world.

The Lockdown Red Nose Gang  story reaches its Grand Finale as the last three clowns move onto pastures new.

Missed the original post?  Click on the link opposite to meet the gang and Nicky, their creator.

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It's Time to Say Goodbye!

The first two clowns – Mr. Fortywinks and Godfrey Gadabout left the UK for a new life in Australia last year.  As presents for twins, their lives are busy and full of fun.

It is always nice when good mates can keep in touch and what a coincidence – Bertie Bloomer and Sidney Slapstick also became presents for twins.  

This time though, their travels didn’t take them quite so far from home.  The pair went off to Glasgow together.  Word has it that they have been painting the town red on more than one occasion.  

They apparently now know all the words to “I belong to Glasgee, dear old Glasgee town … There’s something wrong with Glasgee ‘cos it’s goin’ round and round?”  Enough said.

So now – you must be wondering what became of the last Lockdown Clown – O Yummy?

Well, he waited very patiently until September 2021 to start his new life.  Always the most modest of the bunch, he wouldn’t want me to tell you, but he actually raised the most money of all for Birmingham St. Mary’s Hospice.

A “guess his name” raffle at the Harborne Green Village Fete raised £32.  His new name is Snuggles – and I’m pleased to say – he rather likes it.  

Here he is with me and some of the items for sale on my Etsy shop at the Birmingham St. Mary’s Hospice stall at the Fete.  I also accept custom orders, so do please contact me if you would like me to make something specially for you in support of a good cause.

Thanks to everyone who donated materials/button/lace at the fete.  I will look forward to crafting with it all over the coming months.  Watch this space – subscribe for updates.

Sources for the patterns are all on the original post.  Take a look at Jean Greenhowe’s website for other fun things you can knit.

Have fun knitting your own clown – or knit with a group of friends.  Keep your creation or have a heart and donate what you make to raise funds for charity.

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