Sew Britannia! Make your own Gorgeous Tilda Doll. A Great Way to Celebrate the Platinum Jubilee!

Sew Britannia!  Come and join a Craft Workshop and make your very own Tilda Doll.  Perfect for celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

If you enjoy sewing, come and have fun making new friends and learning some new skills.  You will be supporting a good cause too – all profits will be donated to Birminghan St. Mary’s Hospice.

Generous donations of fabric at the Harborne Village Fete last Autumn mean that I had enough fabric to run a workshop to make a Tilda doll like Lilibet.

Sew Britannia Tilda Doll Workshop
Sew Britannia Lilbet
Sew Britannia Lilbet
Sew Britannia Lilbet Feet
Sew Britannia Lilbet

Lilbet is made from donated fabric that I think must originally have been used to make bunting judging by the deep triangular cuts all along its edge.  Like my other Tilda dolls, she has three generous skirts trimmed with pretty lace.

Her favourite place is Great Britain – It is where she was born, where she has made her home and where she feels at her very happiest.

Some of Lilbet‘s other favourite things include:

  • Favourite TV Programme – The Crown
  • Favourite Pet – Her Dorgi – Candy 
  • Favourite Way to Relax – Long walks on Scottish beaches 
  • Favourite Music – The National Anthem
  • Treasured Possession – Her William Whiteley  gold embroidery scissors 
  • Favourite Food – Heinz Beans (By appointment to Her Majesty)

I created Lilbet using the same methods I have set out on previous posts, so you can refer back to those if you want further detail of how the doll herself is created.  

The only thing I had to change was to give her short sleeves and gloves rather than mid length sleeves.  This is the challenge of working with remnants – I didn’t have quite enough fabric to make long sleeves – but I think she looks pretty cute with this variation?

Tilda Doll Workshop - Sew Britannia!

If you are anything like me, a project to help the long days of Winter pass a little more quickly is always welcome.  

When I had finished making Lilibet, I was excited to find that I had enough fabric to create another four Tilda dolls using the jolly Union Jack fabric and co-ordinating red and blue underskirts.  So now, I had enough fabric left over to use in a craft workshop and can share the hands on fun of making these beautiful dolls with others who love to sew.

So, I ran a series of three workshops over the Winter months for two friends who joined me to create their very own versions of Lilbet.  We met for a morning session once a month and I provided all the materials they needed and passed on as many tips and tricks as I could during our time together.  In between sessions, there was plenty of time to complete the sewing needed at home before the next workshop.

Sew Britannia Tilda Doll Workshop
Sew Britannia Tilda Doll Workshop

Our first workshop covered how to use the pattern, cutting out the fabric and sewing the doll.  

The second session – “Shape and Drape” – covered how to assemble the dolls and stuff them.  We also covered how to make and attach the dolls’ skirts.

At the final session, we enjoyed the really fun bit of bringing our dolls to life by creating their eyes, face, hair and trim.

Sew Britannia Tilda Doll Workshop
Sew Britannia Tilda Doll Workshop

Every Tilda doll has her own unique personality and style.  The dolls we made in the workshops are no exception – they make a fine pair don’t they?

Make, Mend, Recycle

It’s not always plain sailing making a handmade doll – things can always go wrong.  It’s learning from the mistakes that matters – and how you recover from them.

One of our dolls had a nasty tracheotomy accident at one point, but a judicious piece of daisy trim covered the hole perfectly, and now, you really would never know.

A real opportunity to make, mend and recycle.

Sew Britannia Tilda Doll Workshop - Accidents Happen
Accidents Happen ...
Sew Britannia Tilda Doll Workshop - Accidents Happen
It's learning from that matters
Sew Britannia! - Make, Mend, Recycle
Make, Mend, Recycle
Sew Britannia Tilda Doll Workshop - Finished Doll
Sew Britannia Tilda Doll Workshop - the final results ...
Sew Britannia Tilda Doll Workshop - Finished Doll
What a fine pair they make - bags of personality!

Join a Workshop

If you would like to join me on a workshop to make a Tilda doll of your own, please contact me for details.  All profits are donated to support Birmingham St. Mary’s Hospice.

Heart Up-Cycling!

The generous donation of Union Jack fabric to make all these dolls came from Sue – Thanks so much Sue – I hope you enjoy seeing what your donation turned into? 

Sometimes, things are just meant to be?  I was searching through my box of donated vintage trims and found this lovely piece of soft velvet blue ribbon, edged with red.  It was just the perfect way to trim the finished Lilbet doll.

Sew Britannia Upcycled Bead Necklace
Lilbet's necklace - made from upcycled beads - Thanks Julia!
Sew Britannia TIlda Vintage Trim
Vintage Trim

Lilbet’s necklace was made from beads salvaged from a donated necklace.  Thanks Julia!

There was only just enough to trim one doll – but that’s how up-cycling goes.  Every doll is unique and has her own character.  No two are ever the same.  What will yours look like I wonder?

A New Home for Lilbet

After spending a little time on the shelf in my Etsy shop, Lilibet is now safely on her way to Buckinghamshire to her new home with Teresa.

Meet some more Tilda Dolls ...

Would you like a Doll made especially for you?

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  1. Nuala

    My 2 Tilda dolls arrived today and they are absolutely beautiful, the workmanship is fantastic. Even my husband said he really liked them. Thank you Margot I shall soon be back for more
    Kind regards


      I am so pleased you are happy with your dolls Nuala – it was an absolute pleasure creating them for you and your daughter.

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