Take 1 Skirt – Make 10 Shabby Chic Scissors Cases

How to Up-Cycle a Linen Skirt into Pretty Shabby Chic Scissors Cases

Making something yourself is always such a pleasure, but it is always so much more satisfying somehow when you start with something that has been discarded and up-cycle it into something pretty, or useful or – in this case – both!

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Take 1 Linen Skirt ...

I was given a linen skirt by a friend of mine.  This skirt had enjoyed many long Summer days.  There were a few marks on it and it had passed the Trinny and Suzannah “£ per wear” test many years ago.

But – it was so beautifully made from a very high quality cream linen.  The hem was also delicately embroidered with a row of deep V shaped panels.

The high quality of the linen and the shape of the embroidered panels immediately suggested to me a potential new life for this well loved garment …

shabby chic scissors cases linen skirt
Take 1 Linen Skirt ... Thanks Julia!

Make 10 Shabby Chic Scissors Cases

I already had a lovely pattern for an In the Hoop Shabby Shic Scissors Case that I purchased a while back from  The Embroidery Library.

Have a look at my previous post – How to Make Sewing Machine Lace –  for the full instructions.

I used the deep embroidered at the bottom of the skirt to make the backs of the scissors cases.  As with everything I make, no two are the same. Some of the cases have fully embroidered backs – others are only partially embroidered depending on how the fabric worked for me.

Shabby Chic Scissors Cases

The flaps for these scissors cases are made from embroidery thread sewn onto water soluble stabiliser which dissolves to leave you with the pretty flap.  They are thread hungry – I reckon I used 100m of thread for each case.  This is another reason why no two cases are the same!

There was enough linen in the top of the skirt to make matching pincushions too.  The embroidery files for these were also purchased from the Embroidery Library.

Tips and Tricks

I always like to include lots of tips and tricks in my posts to help you complete your own project.

When I made these scissors cases previously, I learned a lot.  See my previous post for more details.  This time around, I was working with up-cycled fabrics, which always brings a unique set of challenges and so I can pass on a few more useful tips to you:

  1. I stabilised the linen before I used it in the project.  Scraps of heat fusible interfacing bonded to the back of the fabric BEFORE cutting out the cases really helped to stop the edges fraying and showing through the satin stitched edging.  They also added strength and body to the cases and stopped them from feeling too flimsy.
  2. The lace flaps are thread hungry.  I used economical Brotherhead embroidery threads for this project and was very pleased with the results. I really love Madeira rayon thread, but at £5.49 for 200 metres, it isn’t a good choice when you want to sew in bulk,  Brotherhead threads cost just £1 for 1000 metres when bought in bulk which really helps to keep the costs down – and the charitable contributions high.
  3. A real frustration was running out of thread just before I reached the end of one of the flaps.  I had to discard it.   Using an economical thread like Brotherhead means that means that you can always have a full reel to hand before you commence a project and saves me the frustration of running out of thread – and the waste of a discarded piece of embroidery.

Heart Up-Cycling!

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Dawn's Button Box

We all do it don’t we?  All those spare buttons that come in little plastic bags attached to new clothes – we save them all diligently, waiting for the day when we know we will be able to put them to good use.

So often though, that day never does actually come.  The clothes we save the buttons for are long ago discarded, but the buttons remain, safe in our button box.  It is always a privilege when someone hands over their carefully collated collection.  

My friend Dawn handed her box over to me last year and I was delighted to find several vintage cream buttons near the bottom  that were just perfect for this project.

Shabby Chic Scissors Cases Vintage Buttons
Shabby Chic Scissors Cases Vintage Buttons
Shabby Chic Scissors Cases Vintage Buttons
Shabby Chic Scissors Cases Vintage Buttons

Would you like your own Scissors Case?

If you like these cases, but don’t have time/resources to make one for yourself, then visit my Etsy shop.

Working with up-cycled fabrics means everything I make is unique – you will never find another like it.  When they are gone, they are gone!

I donate all my profits to support the valuable work at Birmingham St. Mary’s Hospice.

Shabby Chic Scissors Cases and Pincushion

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