Welcome to Heart Up-Cycling

Up-Cycling waste materials into unique and lovable creations to support charity.

Hi there and a warm welcome to Heart Upcycling!  I set up Heart Up-cycling because I have always loved making things and being creative.   It’s one thing to create something from new materials, but up-cycling waste magnifies the pleasure enormously.  With a little time and creativity, it is amazing just how easily what folk would otherwise throw away can be turned into something lovable and useful again.

Everything I create:

Handmade Cards from an Up-cycled Water Bottle


Unique creations




Turning what I create into cash to support Birmingham St. Mary’s Hospice is my way of saying a big “thank you”.  St. Mary’s looked after my mother with great compassion many years ago and this helps to make sure that they will always continue to be there for all those who rely on them.  

To share the pleasure of being creative as widely as possible, I post step by step “How To” instructions for everything I create to inspire you to have a go yourself.  Keep them, give them away as presents or donate them to your local charity shop to raise some much needed cash.  

Do you fancy joining me in a free craft workshop?  Make new friends, learn new skills and have fun supporting a great cause.  Subscribe using the link in the sidebar.  I am really looking forward to meeting you!

Margot Harbot

My Projects

A Pair of Little Knitted Rabbits


Look out your knitting pins and have fun using up leftover wool to create something lovable.​

Sweet Peas - Free Motion Embroidered Sweet Peas Notebook Cover


If you haven’t used your sewing machine for a while – find some inspiration here

Fusing Fabric


Experiment with textiles. Create your own unique fabrics from up-cycled materials.​

Inspiration for making your own handmade cards

Greetings Cards

Lots of ideas for creating your own handmade cards. Have a heart and donate them for sale!​​

Snowdrop Hand Ribbon Embroidery


Nifty with a needle? Get ideas for expanding your skills and take your creativity to new levels.

Angels made from lace and curtain tie back using up-cycled sequins

Christmas Decorations

Make your own unique heirloom decorations.  Have a heart and donate them for sale!