Christmas Angels Workshop

How to Make Christmas Angels

Arms x 2

  1. Take one of the pre-folded sleeves and fold in half matching the short raw edges together. Sew raw (unfolded) edges together using a small running sittch about 2cm from central fold.

  2. Fasten off. Turn sleeve right side out

Stitch arm along short, unfolded raw edge - 2cm from fold

Hands x 2

  1. Add a li.le glue to inside of sleeve end, using cocktail tick.

  2. Thread clean end of cocktail stick through a 10mm wooden bead. (the smallest one)

  3. Use cocktail stick to position bead into the glue at sleeve end – turning the bead round so you cover the holes with the fabric.

  4. Leave enough bead showing to form the hand. Slide cocktail stick out.

  5. Press sleeve edge around bead, pinching fabric to close any gaps. Hold for 30 secs, then leave to dry

Glue hand inside sleeve
Cover the Holes!


  1. Take the 25mm wooden bead (the largest one). This is the angels’ head.

  2. Thread onto a clean cocktail stick to steady it when drawing your angel’s face.

  3. Select best side of bead for face given the grains in the wood.

  4. Use large end of embossing tool to make an indent for eyes – keep them level!

  5. Use black gel pen to dot the eyes in place over the indents. Feel free to add eyelashes – if you like?!

  6. Use red gel pen to make her smile appear

  7. Last and best, use a cotton bud to give your angel a rosy glow with the versa blush. A little goes a very long way, so share the cotton bud around the table.

  8. Don’t worry – you have another side of the bead you can use if you aren’t happy with her face – or want a practice run.


  1. Tie the white ribbon into a loop using a single knot.

  2. Straddle the 26mm length of twine evenly over the knot to form the legs

  3. Keeping knot at bottom & loop at top, thread ribbon up through head using large plastic needle

    If it’s tricky, pull knot tighter to make it smaller. Make sure legs are the same length!

Christmas Tree Angel - Head and Legs


  1. Sew small running stitch around top of dress, following the stitch line.  Keep seam at back.
  2. Pull dress up over legs, gathering the running stitch tightly at neck.  Securely fasten off. 
  3. Add a little glue to neck of dress and press firmly against angel’s head.  Don’t worry about making it too neat – she will have a ruff to decorate her neck later!
  4. Leave to dry.
Christmas Tree Angel Body

Arms x 2

Flatten arm with seam facing down & fold over shoulder at neck edge.

Position arms down towards the front and secure with a few stitches, close to neck edge.

Stitch securely, taking needle back and forth through dress. Fasten off.

Christmas Tree Angel Feet

Feet x 2

  1. Thread 12mm bead onto end of leg.  Knot twine under bead, keeping leg length even.
  2. If the string is difficult to thread through the bead with your hands, use a wide eyed metal needle to help you.
  3. Slide bead away from knot and dab a little glue inside it, using a cocktail stick.
  4. Slide bead back to sit securely above the knot.  

Time to take a break – and leave the glue to dry …


  1. Sew small running stitch along edge of lace and gather it to fit neck.
  2. Use same needle to sew in place. Fasten off. 

Front Hair

  1. Dab a little glue on forehead and sides of face.
  2. Fold the 6 long hair strands in half and position centrally in front of ribbon loop.
  3. Press firmly into glue, holding for a good 30 seconds.  
  4. Pull strands in front of shoulders to frame the face.
Front Hair

Back Hair 

  1. Apply glue to back of head and add remaining hair strands individually, aligning top of strands to ribbon loop. Use cocktail stick rather than fingers to give a tight, smooth finish.  Don’t worry too much – remember – she will have a hat to cover up her hair later on!
  2. Use final strands as a top layer to close any gaps, adding glue as needed. 
  3. Press and hold firmly for 30 seconds.  Leave to dry. 
Christmas Tree Angel Back of Hairstyle


  1. Pin paper template to white felt and cut out wings.
  2. Lift up back of hair and add spread glue along back of dress, working from the middle.  Cover a good sized area so the felt will stick to dress.  Stick on wings.  (Big section of wing on top). 
Christmas Tree Angel Wings


  1. Sew pompom to hat. 
  2. Thread top of ribbon through large plastic needle. Keeping hat seam at back, pull needle up through front of hat, just under the pompom. 
  3. Use small stitches to sew base of hat to the hair, all the way round, to keep her ears warm
Christmas Tree Angel Pom Pom

Stand back – and admire your hard work!


Christmas Tree Angel

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