Christmas Angels Workshop

A Christmas Angels Workshop is scheduled for the afternoon of 28th November 2022 at Harborne Golf Club, Birmingham.  Come and join us – meet new friends, learn new skills and support a great cause!

Christmas Angels Workshop

Craft Demonstration Sessions/Workshops

Working with Harborne St. Mary’s Fundraising Group, we raised £534 to support Birmingham St. Mary’s Hospice in 2021 – and we had a lot of fun in the process too!.

If you would like to come to similar craft sessions, there are plenty of options available.

Some ideas are set out below.  If you see something that interests you, contact me for further details.

Discover Something New - Craft Demo Sessions

Are you interested in learning a new crafting skill?

We are considering running some Craft Demonstration Sessions (circa 1.5 – 2 hours) to provide inspiration to have a go at a craft you’ve never tried before (or maybe never quite managed to master).  

Watch someone who is passionate about the craft you would like to learn demonstrate what they love to do.  Discover the tools, techniques and all their tips & tricks first hand. 

Cost:   £5 donation (to include refreshments)

Some of the ideas for Craft Demonstration Sessions are shown below.

1. Crochet

2. Découpage

3. Textile Art - Fabric Fused Flowers

4. Paper Craft - Die Cutting

Finishing Touches - Nesting Dies

5. Textle Art - Botanical Printing

6. Ribbon Embroidery

7. Paper Craft - Creative Punching

8. Paper Craft - Rubber Stamps/Heat Embossing

9. Amigrumi

10. Wet Felting

11. Kanzashi Flowers

How to Make Kanzashi Flowers

12. Creative Sugarcraft

Which Craft Demo Sessions you like to attend?

Learn Something New - Craft Workshops

Are you looking for something more "hands on"?

Maybe you are interested in something more hands on where you can make something from a kit from start to finish and take away your creation at the end of the session?  We are planning to run some longer workshops (2.5 – 3 hours) where you can join a small group of like minded people, come away with something beautiful you have made and maybe make some new friends.  While you are having fun being creative, you will also be supporting Birmingham Saint Mary’s Hospice.  So – what are you waiting for?!

Cost:   Materials Kit (at cost – variable ) + £5 donation (includes refreshments)

Some of the projects that we currently have in mind for future craft workshops are listed below.  

1. Wreath Making

2. Christmas Reindeer Ornament

3. Découpage Project

4. Handmade Card - Stamping/Embossing

5. Handmade Card from Upcycled Materials

6. Handmade Quilled Cards

7. Needle Felting - Sleepy Mice

8. Punched Cards - Using UpCycled Materials

9. Flower Fairies

10. Christmas Lace Angels

Christmas Decorations

11. Wicker Basket Makeover

12. Tilda Doll - Advanced
3 x 1/2 day sessions + sewing at home

Sew Britannia Lilbet

Which Craft Workshops would you like to attend?

How Can You Help?

Maybe there is a craft that you would really love to try, and you can’t see above?  Let me know – and we will see what we can do!

Do you already enjoy any of the crafts above – or perhaps something different you would be willing to demonstrate to a small group and share your skills?  

Would you be happy to host a Craft Demonstration Session or workshop for us?