Request a Custom Order - Let me Make Something Especially for You

Handmade Dolls

Handmade dolls are unique, heirloom pieces – handed down from one generation to the next.  Each has her own personality.  

Let me make one especially for you.  Talk to me about exactly how you would like your doll to look and let me make her just how you would like her.  

Choose the skin tone you would like and pick her hair colour.  Choose the overall colour scheme for her dress and select the fabrics that appeal to you the most.  I can also embroider a personal message on your doll’s underskirt.

Keepsake Dolls

If you would like a keepsake doll, I can also work with your own fabrics that may have a special meaning to you (provided that the fabric is suitable and that there is enough of it!).

Follow the links on the images to request a custom order via my Etsy shop

Custom Order

Handmade Art Doll - with Jointed Arms and Legs - 20cm high

Bespoke Greeting Cards

Handmade cards always show someone that you really care.  Let me make you a card for that special occasion/person.  

Choose your own colour, greeting and design.